Good Neighbor Project

The Good Neighbor Project is a newly formed branch of Start Right Community Development Corporation founded in 2008. The main function of the Good Neighbor Project is to fully rehabilitate vacant and blighted homes located in Cleveland Heights. Start Right CDC has successfully rehabilitated 3 homes in the Caledonia Neighborhood dating back to 2012. This project will expand our housing activities to directly impact low-moderate income (LMI) residents and, potentially LMI tenants. Our current focus is on the Caledonia Park Opportunity Zone.

Project Goal:
While there are many benefits to community reinvestment we want to be able to increase the number of owner-occupied homes in the Caledonia Park Neighborhood. Once a home has been rehabbed by one of our qualified contractors, our first priority will be to sell the property to a low-moderate income buyer after they complete a qualified First Time Homeowners Program.

Future Endeavors:
Future goals include addressing the growing number of vacant lots and partnering with contractors to build new potential single-family, multi-family, and townhome developments. We also know that homeownership is not for everyone so we will also be looking to develop high-end rental properties for those that are looking for rental options.